Derby Large Tunnel 3

Derby Large Tunnel Gas Fireplaces, by Bellfires

This model shown is the Derby Large Tunnel 3, from the Bellfires Direct Vent Fireplace Collection. The unit comes complete with Porcelain Enamel black panels and a remote control unit.

Safety first

Naturally the developers of Bellfires have thought extensively of the safety as well. The Derby Large Tunnel 3 is equipped with a patented safety system where possible overpressure in the fireplace will be discharged in a controlled way. The uniqueness of this safety system is the replacability, controllability and therefore the optimum reliability. These features are a clear surplus value, especially in extreme situations.

Safety Screen

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Model # DLT-3NG-SB

  • BTU - 6,000 to 31,400
  • Ignition type - Electronic
  • Glass Viewing Size - 31 3/4"W x 26 1/4"H
  • Glass Window - Ceramic, screen barrier
  • Venting type & Size - Direct Vent Fireplace, 6"/8" (Exhaust/Diameter)* 
  • Height - 30 5/8"
  • Width - 43 3/16"
  • Depth - 17 3/8"
  • Weight - 265 Lbs.

* Venting Can be reduced to 4"/5" if use is for roof penetration